Bio-retention Soil, Bio-filtration Soil, Rain Gardens:

Eastern Shore Forest Products, Inc. has the ability to custom blend soil to meet the specifications of most bio-retention projects. Many engineers and state and local governments have slightly different requirements for bio-retention soil mixes. Our custom mix capabilities and availability of large volumes of consistent, high quality ingredients allows us to meet the requirements of most jobs.


Garden Soil:

A Blend of Eastern Shore topsoil, sandy loam, humus and compost, this product is our standard soil and is used for a variety of general purpose soil needs.  This is an excellent choice for building new beds or as a top dress for existing soil.    

Expert Garden Soil:

Expert Garden Soil is a specialty mix offered by Eastern Shore Forest Products, Inc. and was developed to complement our expert Garden Systems® raised beds. This soil consists of a proprietary mix of soils, compost and Humus with a variety of organic compatible, naturally occurring micronutrients and minerals added in to make this the most nutritious soil available anywhere. Each batch of this soil is subjected to a battery of tests to determine the exact prescription of minerals and micro nutrients needed to complement the growth of your plantings. 


Custom Blends:

Eastern Shore Forest Products, Inc. is capable of producing custom blends of soil. Call us for your special needs.