Buyers of Timber


Eastern Shore Forest Products prides itself on offering superior value to woodland owners. Our total forest utilization abilities make us the best option for most woodland owners. Our wide range of products allow us to process wood that is typically left to rot by other timber buyers. We take the time to listen to landowners and tailor a harvest that best suits the desired outcome of the woodland.

We offer the following:



Clear Cut – This type of harvest typically yields the most financial return to the landowner. Eastern Shore Forest Products will typically utilize every type and size of tree on the harvest area.





Clear Cut


Thinning – This type of harvest is usually designed to remove inferior trees that are too close together and gives the remaining trees more room to grow. Giving the landowner some cash at the time of harvest while improving the wood lot for a future harvest.







Wildlife Food Plot – This type of harvest is carved out in conjunction with other types of harvest or stand alone. Creates cleared areas for planting of wildlife food plots.






WildLife Food Plot